Things have got to change!

Things have got to change


Are your profits looking gloomy or is the workforce unhappy and leaving in droves?
Losing the battle to stay ahead of competitors and client complaints escalating?
When you think your company is going to the wall or in danger of having to issue a profits warning you need to make changes and make them fast.
How do you know what changes to make for the best?
What can be done other than cut costs and throw money at marketing?
Plenty. Use your primary resource better, your staff. By use we mean unlock the potential, listen, prepare to take note and start down a new path.
Find out how to get all the answers you need and more from the staff within your business.
Seem incredible? – try it. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we’ll show you what we mean.

When things have got to change trust us to look after your people.

How Can zoifos help me?

We aren’t business whizz kids but we do know how to get the very best out of a business and that’s by unlocking the potential within its people. Your people know you, they know the customers and they know the processes and systems. So they know the stand out fabulous bits, the mediocre bits and the downright bad. They will also know what your competition are doing and what clients want. Now is the time to make some bold decisions as small change just won’t cut it. You need major change and major change now. How do you think differently and know that it will serve you well? How do you think really differently to make fundamental, lasting change that works for the staff, systems and business – here’s how. We untangle the perfect ideas and change that you had within all along

untangle to unlock potential

It's a bit like brain surgery

We know about neuroplasticity and how brains can be reprogrammed to do old tasks in new ways. Our minds also get clogged up with old “stuff”. Each of us experience the world through our own eyes and experience. Our minds are naturally pre-disposed to see the negative, the potential danger in everything. Ask us about the amygdala if you are interested in knowing more about the workings of the mind. The main purpose of the unconscious mind is to keep us safe. Too much of this and we live in fear and cannot work or live at our best. Just like with a pot plant if it isn’t nourished we will wilt and not be at our best

Nourishing the best creativity and answers

Our way of working is super simple, so simple that you will be blown away by the results you get and how fast you can get them. The simplicity means that there is nothing complex to understand, no new concepts to get your head around when its already full of the problems you are facing and the implications this will have on you and your workforce. Its more a reboot of the minds and inner engine of your business.

Change for Good

It’s all about clearing the fog and seeing the potential of really big change. Change that seems so big it will transform your business almost overnight. The change could be as simple as the Swan Vesta employee who saved the company millions. What did he do? Suggest that they only add sandpaper to one side of the box.

Start at the other end

We help you create change by looking for the issues and enabling your people to solve them for you. The mistake that most people make is to start with the process and head toward an end result. Fundamental change as opposed to incremental change is much easier to achieve if you start with the solution then work out how to get there. The human brain and business culture does not normally work this way. We recalibrate and reboot your minds so that you can.

If you’d like to move from the bottom of the leader board back to the top where you deserve to be you need Zoifos