Personal Challenge

Modern life is full of challenges, it’s how you deal with them that will define the success of your enterprise and your own happiness and wellbeing.


How can I feel Better about.. is a great question to start with.  



Need help with changing how you think or feel

Get your head sorted

How you feel has a massive effect on how you are able to communicate, your ability to be happy, to feel fulfilled and to be developing your business or interests in the way which you would like to.

Feelings are part of who you are, here we want you to be in touch with how you feel and how you'd like to feel but there is no need to spend hours talking about stuff.  We prefer to help you move on, dealing with the triggers and ways of being that you would prefer to avoid.  Feeling full of energy, sleeping well, with a fresh warm outlook on life, able to look out for your family and friends.  To have headspace to make choices, free from unwanted help from others.

It sounds simple and it can be, with the right support, we’ll be here with you throughout, you may be surprised at how fast things can change for you and how fantastic that can feel.

Who is this for?

  • Fiona was struggling with guilt over working long hours to get her hairdressing salon up and running.
  • Rhys had a vision board and a business plan to achieve £1m turnover in year two. He also knew his heart wasn’t in it and wanted to know why.
  • Frank had been through a stressful divorce and is now dating again but cannot focus at work or find anyone worthwhile to be with.
  • Dolores was in a car accident which wasn’t her fault and whilst her broken back is now healed she feels angry for no apparent reason and struggles to make the right decisions


How can you help?

All of these issues and more can be overcome in the online supportive sessions. Meeting monthly or twice monthly and online so that there is no travelling time. You can join wherever you are as long as you have internet – which is nearly everywhere these days. Choose your preferred option below, we look forward to meeting you.

Personal Challenge Basic (1)

Group sessions with group support and accountability - grow personally

This option is ideal to resolve general business issues when growing a business and personal issues that you are comfortable sharing with your small group.  The group work we do is great at resolving the most challenging issue.  If it is something that you have faced for some time one of the other options may be better for you.  

 2 sessions a month over 6 months with the option to renew 


This will take you from feeling lost and challenged inside to confident and energised in all you do. £900



There is personal stuff I need to deal with - help me privately first please  4  personal sessions in month 1 then 2 group sessions in each of month 2 and 3

This option is perfect where you’d like to keep yourself to yourself for a while and accelerate your change with personal 1 2 1 help.

After the initial phase sharing ideas and challenges could help you find your best path to be all you want to be, millionaire, volunteer for charity, retire - whatever that may look like for you.  Everyone has their own path and we are here to help you find it.



Personal Challenge premier
Personal Challenge Ultimate

Full personal MOT service and to get you on track.

Where you know you are not firing on all cylinders and want to feel so much better than you do.  To relearn how to relax, how to enjoy yourself, have headspace and confidence and energy.

Whatever your challenges we can help and that includes addiction childhood or other trauma.

We help you uncover and remove old triggers and reasons as to why you are how you are.  Nudging you forward, gently at your own pace to get where you want to get to.  If you prefer we can drive you along like a bus journey down a mountain road - it’s your choice on how fast you progress.  Whatever place we start in with you there will probably be some unexpected layers here and there.  That’s fine, this option is for a year of unravelling and reconstructing you now matter what comes up.

4 monthly 121  sessions to fit in with your lifestyle x 12 months

£9,600 limited places available