People Investor

Best value Wellness

Best value wellness should be based on your business core values and needs.  Investing in your people is one thing, we like to get you the best return in terms of both engagement and KPI achievements.

What you need can also vary over time, that's why we work on a project by project basis so that you can dial us up when you have more change to manage or have staff who are struggling with mental or emotional issues.   Ideal to top up an EAP or assist your Wellness team with specific skills or when resources are stretched.

Wellness helps work performance

Better mental health and resilience enables staff to deal with problems rather than turn them into worries and stress.

Better sleep increases focus, tools to cope with stress reduces the number of sick days.

Listening to how staff feel and how you can best help increases engagement.

We can help you achieve all of these things and more.  With fast working effective programmes to reduce business downtime you may be surprised at how big the positive changes are after we have worked together

What Sort of thing Can I expect?

One of the current issues regularly experienced by companies like yours is conflict and chalenges within teams.   Each team member will have experienced furlough or work in a different way, often with less support than they had before.   They now need help to work through how they feel, be comfortable talking about their personal challenges and find ways to work at their best once more.  We developed this programme as a way to reconnect and revive teams. It gives results in under 1 month with minimal time out of the business for participants.  Best value wellness at its finest!

Programme Details Here - its a free download, we don't even ask for your details.

Invest in your people

How do you work?

Each of us has “stuff” things that are holding us back, even if we have had a nice life. Delete the connection on memory and limiting belief and the person can leap forward in terms of confidence, mental resilience and physical health too. We work on developing positive character traits as much as we do about removing negative ones.

Our methodology is all about rebooting the mind and giving it an upgrade. As most of our bodily functions are controlled by the mind too it also helps heal and rejuvenate the physical body as well as the mind. We just talk to you – each session is unique. Depending on what we are working on and any time constraints sessions can be 1 2 1 or in groups to suit.

Bespoke to suit you

All of our clients receive a bespoke programme to meet their individual and specific needs. Whether you have people returning to work after sick leave, a new team or department being set up or conflict and change to manage we will develop a programme to bring out the very best in people and your business. We like to be part of your team for the long term to watch you fly and develop even more success than you have already. We work both remotely via video call and face to face. Each works as well as the other so we can cater to your needs