Our Mission


Zoifos are The Mindset and Wellness People

Moving people and businesses from fear based thinking to trust, confidence and empathy.

From the outset, forming and nurturing our culture has been extremely important to us.​

This is at the core of Zoifos.

Many companies often claim they put People First. We claim this and do deliver from our Partner through to our Clients .

Increasing  pressure and poor leadership often means this doesn’t happen in reality, which is why our Leadership team is diverse in thinking to ensure that the nurturing is reality.

Working together to put people first in workplaces

Work with us and watch you and your business grow

Wellness is productivity and success as well as happiness and growth

You probably get approached by wellness consultants, business coaches and management specialist all the time so why listen to us?
We live and work in your language - we identify what you want to change, why and how that can be measured so that you know that you have the results you wanted. We are a fluff free zone.
Unlike other coaches and specialists we like to get things done as quickly as possible. If we can remove conflict in a situation in 2 sessions flat we will, if we can do it in just the one we will.
Simple language throughout. We don’t need complex explanations, we just get to the root of everything and build up from there.
We work via video sessions either 1 2 1 or in groups, with simple technology. Remote working can be faster – no cups of tea to make after all.
When working to remove old baggage and trauma there is no need for the person to relive the original trigger. Our method allows the mind to be rebooted like a Master Power reset rather than a forensic digital analysis.
We treat your team as part of ours and hope that you will see us as part of your long term business plan too.
Sharing core values is important to us. If you value your staff then that’s a good starting point, we don’t work with businesses who consider their staff a commodity. We believe in the saying - treat others as you want to be treated, we’re sure you do too.

Zoifos Core Values

Honest - if we can’t help or have a different view, we will say so.

Straightforward - we mean what we say and say what we mean

Efficient - we want you to make all the changes you want as fast as you want

Non judgemental - we all make mistakes and poor judgements, let’s move on and learn instead of judging

Passionate - we love what we do, we expect you love what you do too, or did once.

Trustworthy - if we say we will do something we will. Oh and your information is yours, we keep records only of what we need to in order to give you the best service and we would never sell this on or give it to anyone outside our agreement with you.

Core values