CEO and Founder

Working from Chesterfield, UK, bordering the beautiful Peak District.

My initial background was in IT, working for myself, primarily helping schools with their computer systems. From childhood I had developed a skill of seeing into the real root of problems, whatever they are, and being able to resolve them easily.

I found that this can be applied to the mental processes with a person, and expanded across teams, communities and businesses. From starting with the development of the Sanomentology Program, working with clients in a therapy setting, and building a global team of practitioners, I saw the vision of this being applied to the corporate world.

Zoifos was formed with an aim to work with individuals and businesses at a level unlike other “coaching” companies. With no standard template, I wanted a company that would tailor our work specifically for the clients needs.

I have an avid interest in psychology, philosophy and science, which blends together well to help me to help clients in the most effective way.

I live in Chesterfield, UK with my gorgeous wife and have 5 fantastic children. They are the driving force behind my passion.

This passion is what is going to make the Sanomentology Program the most effective and diverse therapy process in the world.

Martin Rothery