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How do Zoifos work?  We provide straightforward, non fluffy, effective wellness and mindset solutions for business.  Working primarily on a project by project basis this means that you buy exactly what you need, when you need it.

Change is challenging, let us help you with making it a positive experience for all.


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Don’t hestiate to ask us something. Email us directly [email protected] or call us at +44 20 3886 0061.

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Grow into your full potential

 How do Zoifos work?

We work via video call, usually on Zoom.

We use Sanomentology with a little bit of coaching to help you make your changes.

Sanomentology is a blend of psychology, science and real life. You can see more here


How do you pronounce Zoifos?

We say it like this Zoy-foss.   We don’t mind how you say it though, we’ll still talk to you 🙂


How long will results take?

Results are often seen from day 1, during or immediately after the session. It depends a little on what we are changing and to some extent who you are. If something has taken 15 years to build it might take a few sessions to resolve. We are talking single digit sessions for most issues.  As people we are full of layers and experiences so something else might come up which also needs resolution.  You choose whether you want resolution of a particular issue or a deeper dive into full wellness and achieving the full potential.


Will it be cost effective working with you?

Yes, we often do project based work to resolve a particular challenge for you and your workforce so you are in the driving seat to tell us what success looks like.  Routinely wellness programmes add 21% profitability to a company, is yours doing that?   We can assist you in reviewing what wellness support will best suit you or your business and how best to achieve that.

What We’re Not

Template based - each client has their own bespoke plan and own measuring of success

Dictatorial - we’re driven by you, not the other way around.

Fluffy - we do practical results using practical methods and we get them fast

Confrontational - no need to drag old stuff up, we’re here to help you move on NOT rake over old coals.

Session based - we are solutions based. The faster you get your solutions the happier that you will be. We like happy clients 🙂