Ideal Clients

Personal Challenge

Jack is the managing director of a wealth management firm.  He got divorced a year ago after an acrimonious split with his wife of 15 years.  His firm has 20 staff who manage investments and protection for hundreds of clients.  It is Jack’s responsibility to ensure that the money and clients are well looked after and his staff are confident and able to do their jobs.

Ever since the divorce Jack has been struggling to make decisions.  He just can’t get the clear headspace he once found so easy.  He finds the smallest decision stressful, will he make the right choice?  Should he wait for more information?  The stress is showing up at work now, he’s shouting at staff when he should be listening, chasing sales when the figures are already looking good.  The workforce are less happy and beginning to mumble about leaving and setting up for themselves or working for the competition.  Jack has found the best way to cope is to have a little drink and now finds himself on 2 bottles of red wine a night.


Jack’s mind is full, full of emotions and old stories and programmes that should be filed away as memories so that he can continue his life, enjoying work and pleasure.  His Zoifos consultant will use sanomentology to unravel the mind clutter and help Jack repackage it.  Personal Challenge can be used either as group or 1 2 1 sessions.  The sessions will gently rewire the mind without having to know all the details.  There is space to talk within the 1 2 1 sessions, if you want to, but there is little need to do so.  Your stuff is your stuff, we are on hand to help you get it in the right filing cabinet so that you can move on and be all of you again and live life your way.


People Investor

ABC Ltd are an IT and telecoms firm, they have 30 staff, consisting of directors, managers, support, accounts, engineers and sales staff.  The company has evolved a lot from its beginnings in the 1980’s although some of the directors and managers haven’t changed much at all.

Some of the sales staff are complaining that they are struggling to close sales as the support for clients joining the business isn’t as good as the client expects.  Finance are complaining as they have to get things rubber stamped at every step of the way which makes the process tedious and them feel worthless.   The products themselves have updated pretty well but the company is now not a nice place to work because of the infighting and the figures are stagnating putting pressure on to cut costs if turnover and profits don’t improve.  Everyone is working under a cloud of fear and performance is suffering.

Marie is a new team manager within ABC Ltd and she’s seen a massive turnaround at her old company when she encouraged them to hire wellness and mindset specialists like Zoifos.  She persuades the directors to have a chat and see what can be done.   The experts arrive to collect information and design a change programme specifically for ABC.

Any fundamental change has to be embraced by the business leaders so the programme starts there, working 1 on 1 with each of the directors and team managers to undo old conditioning and freshen up their ways of thinking. Removing fear and over protectionism and increasing trust in their own abilities and instincts as well as trusting the workforce more.  During one of the sessions it comes to light that Bill had a bad car accident 5 years ago and has become much more conservative in recent years.  Coonsrvative behaviour isn’t necessarily a good thing for a sales director so the mental and emotional triggers leading back to the accident are worked on and removed.  Sending this incident into long term memory removes what had been holding Bill back.  He has an idea to develop one of the current products for a new market and goes off to speak to the engineers.

The sales folk now have safe space to vent how they feel, the wellness consultants listen to challenges and ideas on what can be done as well as improving mental resilience and reducing stress.  An extra touch via phone call is suggested by the sales team as part of the customer onboarding process.  Clients then understand more features and enjoy the product faster and recommend other businesses more.  As to finance, their problem was resolved from the additional trust added to the managers skillset.

Wellness sessions continue with weekly calls where anyone can join, find ways to solve their problem or stress at the root.  Ideas can also safely be submitted which are then listened to by the senior management.   Turnover is up 15% - this could be bolstered by another 10% with Bills new development.  Staff are happy and encouraging their friends to apply for jobs at ABC as the company expands to meet demand.  Clients are leaving fantastic reviews further assisting the sales people in their jobs.   The business cycle is on an upward cycle.

Things have got to change!

Evolva Plc are an insurance company offering business insurance products for businesses with complex insurance needs.  This includes some specialist covers like Marine and Engineering Business Interruption insurance.  The specialist insurances need a specialist team to underwrite, market and process it.  There are few competitors so the price is fairly stable, business is won on relationships and knowledge.

Although Evolva Plc have thousands of staff overall these two teams are quite small at 8 people each.  Each person has a big impact on the company though as these are big ticket products for huge worldwide industries.   RTA Group are one of the biggest competitors and have just won a big premium from one of the offshore drilling companies so now need more staff.  All 8 of the Marine team from Evolva are approached and decide to move en masse to the new employer for the exciting new challenge.   RTA are thrilled, they now have a very experienced team to develop the new contract as well as all of their previous great staff to acquire more business.  Evolva on the other hand now have no staff at all on their marine team so how are they going to keep their existing clients?  Training new staff is not easy, its more about experience and relationships than any theoretical knowledge.  What can they do to protect their brand and income?

Zoifos are drafted in to find ways of plugging the hole and fast.  People and companies typically think in straight lines, and assume that a problem is what it seems to be at face value.  Problems are rarely the problems you think they are and that’s where Zoifos come in.   There are at least 3 problems here:

  1. Why did the Evolva staff choose to leave?
  2. What can be done to prevent this happening again?
  3. How can Evolva protect itself?

All of these answers can be found within other staff, its accessing them that can be the tricky part.  When done via sanomentology confidentiality can be assured and the very best ideas, which are often quirky come to the surface quickly.  Our brains are programmed to be conservative, lessening the conservatism and accessing free thought with no barriers is the key to success.  Asking why is a good place to start, often its down to a feeling and a culture.  Both wellness and culture are a feeling not a few words in an employee handbook.  If the culture is all mouth and no trouser then inspiration and the team affiliation the company seeks to build and maintain will quickly be lost.

Here we would recommend access to regular wellness and mindset sessions for staff to prevent the problem happening again.   Preventing a problem is much cheaper than finding a solution later.  To significantly reduce team defections improve your wellness and support for staff.