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We are great at wellness but know that we cannot do it all by ourselves.  Wellness collaborations are a big part of how we work and grow.

If you do any kind of wellness tech, physical health or other wellness and would like a partner for mindset and wellness for change and optimum mental health we'd love to have a chat.

Wellness collaborations take all sorts of shapes and forms from large scale collaborations to smaller affiliate links.  We welcome chats with you whatever size you are and whatever your ideas.

Collaboration around the world

Become a Partner

Zoifos is built like a co operative, we are a network of partners and consultants using the same methods and practices.  We share resource in all senses.  Partners are responsible for a territory and building a client base there. We are a fluff free zone so what you see is what you get, straightforward, efficient frameworks to support you and protocols to support and transform clients.  Core values are very important to us and we expect yours to be important to you too.

We are The Mindset and Wellness People and this is what we do.  As a partner we will do that for you too.  We are one big team, pooling ideas and tapping into the central support for most of the business support side so that you have more time and freedom to meet and support clients and the team that you will build.

If you'd like to be master of your own destiny, including excellent personal development and wellness of your own as well as for your clients we'd love to hear from you.   There is a short application process, this is based on your personality and values.  It could be an ideal opportunity for someone with empathy in the corporate world or a therapist wanting to make a difference.  To chat further book a call with Helen our Head of Partners

To join our mailing list to see when territories are becoming available fill your details in here

Become an Affiliate

Our affiliates usually share our passion for helping people unlock their potential, moving on from pain, trauma and limiting beliefs.  Whether you are in business support, wellness yourself or something else entirely we’d love to have a chat if you like what we’re doing and are interested in finding ways to collaborate for everyone's benefit.

Not sure if you know people who might be interested in Mindset and Wellness with Zoifos?  Give us a ring or drop us an email and we can chat.

If you know business owners, large or small or work with businesses and see people struggle with trust, confidence, decision making or conflict then you know people that would benefit from what we do.

As caring people we know that you’ll be cautious of who you refer your contacts too.  We understand and respect that.  We’ll take good care of anyone referred, we’ll also let you know how they get on and what changes were made and what difference that made.  Then you can see the value that we add in real life terms.  Subject to the mutual client’s permission of course.

It's all about making the world a better place to live and work in as we see it and think you do too.  As well as changing lives we do pay healthy commission to our affiliate partners.  If you prefer that fee can be waived or paid to charity.

Get in touch with us to chat about your ideas of making the world better and becoming one of our team