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How do you get best value wellness

Best value wellness – how do you get the most effective results for your time and budget?

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Wondering how to get the best value wellness that suits your business best – here’s how Wellness and wellbeing come in all sorts of guises, some are insurance plans, you could have an in-house Head of Wellness or therapist of some kind.  It could be more of a reward and benefit type scheme.  How do you know which will be best for your teams and… Read More »Best value wellness – how do you get the most effective results for your time and budget?

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Mental Health Utopia

How To Deal With Staff Mental Health Best   In an ideal world we’d all feel tip top and never have any issues but life isn’t like that.  Just as life gets in the way of your physical health from time to time (too many late nights, pushing yourself too hard at the gym or your activity of choice even) mental health has ups and… Read More »Mental Health Utopia

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How To Be The Mechanic Of Your Mind

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The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round Do you remember this children’s song? Its so upbeat, so motivating. If you sang it in your childhood, with your siblings or with your own kids chances are that you are singing away already, having been triggered by the title alone. If you need more encouragement to sing the song – here is a link Now… Read More »How To Be The Mechanic Of Your Mind

Hide in fear or Live with love

How to Remove your Fear Now and Forever

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Fed up of living in Fear? Fear tends to rule the roost and take over our lives and business. Wondering how you can remove your fear now and forever? Business and life has been fear based for so long, via the media and many standard business practices.  Advertising, sales, human resources, news, shopping, most of it is all based on fear and scarcity. Fear and… Read More »How to Remove your Fear Now and Forever

Why Bother?

Why bother spending money on wellness in the workplace? This post is for companies interested in investing in wellness but who don’t know where to start or what benefits it will bring to the company.  After all any costs have got to be justified to the directors, board or shareholders. What would you do? If your boss told you they thought you were not worth… Read More »Why Bother?

How To Be Stress Free When Fear is All Around

What is stress Stress is a natural and normal part of everyday life.  Without stress we would not survive as a species as we would not react fast enough to danger.  Stress, in simple terms is the fight, flight, freeze or shi*e responses.  Our unconscious minds are constantly scanning for danger based on natural inbuilt instincts and learnt behaviour based on what has gone before… Read More »How To Be Stress Free When Fear is All Around

How To Reduce Stress at Work

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Wellness is so much more than healthy snacks and yoga classes Having made the decision to add wellbeing to your company ethos where do you go from here? After all you have already swapped the sweets and chocolates in the snack boxes to healthier options.  You could add in a yoga or meditation class weekly or daily, there are plenty of providers for mindfulness type… Read More »How To Reduce Stress at Work