Best value wellness – how do you get the most effective results for your time and budget?

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How do you get best value wellness

Wondering how to get the best value wellness that suits your business best – here’s how

Wellness and wellbeing come in all sorts of guises, some are insurance plans, you could have an in-house Head of Wellness or therapist of some kind.  It could be more of a reward and benefit type scheme.  How do you know which will be best for your teams and business?  How do you know if they will be used or produce any noticeable benefits for the company?


The answer is simple, define what you want, ask the right questions and measure the outcome.

What are your objectives?

Just having – improve wellbeing or implement wellbeing programme isn’t enough.  Just as your other KPIs and outcomes are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related so should your wellbeing objectives.  

Identifying desired outcomes

Identify outcomes from a business perspective – how do you benchmark according to other similar companies or the same sector for engagement, staff retention, sick days, glassdoor reviews and the like?  Which would you like to change and by how much and when by?

Ask Questions

Find out how the company looks and feels to your staff.  Sure, you know the company mission and culture but is it truly embedded and understood by the staff, do they feel part of it, no matter what position they hold?  Do staff feel supported and heard?   Are they able to discuss issues openly and without fear of retribution?  Will you be able to help them find and implement solutions or can you provision do that?  What if you have no solution for the problem currently- what do you do next?

Record Appropriate Data

Ensure that how the employees feel and how they see things is recorded.  WorkBuzz have a great platform which you can use which also helps you dissect the data according to age, length of service, department and lots more.  By keeping specific staff led metrics you are better positioned to be able to measure progress from the staff perspective. Its about making them feel wanted, engaged and fulfilled and less about how you do that.

What Are You Prepared To Do?

Consider what the company is and isn’t willing to help with.   Will you provide help with domestic issues like relationships, poor sleep, chronic pain or do you solely want to focus on issues originating in the workplace?  Is there a per person budget which you want to stick to, come what may or are you treating it more as an investment.  If you invest £500 you get £2,500 back in engagement, ideas, passion and communication so the more you invest the better the results – to some extent at least

Implement the right wellbeing to satisfy the objectives, provide support and make the changes you want for your company.  Measure regularly and adjust to fit.

Project Based and Focussed Solutions

Wellness doesn’t have to be (and probably shouldn’t be) a permanent one size fits all provision.   There will be times when you need topical or project based help.  A team falls out,  product development are feeling highly stressed, a major competitor enters your space.  For these times you can use a project based wellness approach and use a company like Zoifos who will align themselves with your core values, unpick the mess and help people through the thoughts and feelings that the challenges are bringing up.  End result, powering through change and uncertainty with a definite cost and a definite positive, successful outcome.  Need help with team performance and mental health – take a look at the team package.

Still not sure what you need?  Or how your current provision is shaping up?  We’d love to help you work through what is right for you, make use of our brain and knowledge with our 1 hour of information no pitch for £99


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