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How To Deal With Staff Mental Health Best


In an ideal world we’d all feel tip top and never have any issues but life isn’t like that.  Just as life gets in the way of your physical health from time to time (too many late nights, pushing yourself too hard at the gym or your activity of choice even) mental health has ups and downs too.

We are all different

Some of us are better in tune with how we feel or perhaps are just more confident in speaking out.  For us we often have our own proven ways to help ourselves, feel the cloud lift and begin to head back into our comfort zone.  For other folk the challenge is greater.  Maybe they had more challenges in the first place, don’t want to rock the boat for others or have gone too low and now don’t know the way back again.


Support Availability

In the 2nd best version of Mental health utopia help would be on hand 24/7 which is practical and easy to access.  Where you are asked regularly how you are and where your answers are wanted, encouraged and respected.  Maybe you don’t need any help, you just want to be heard, to say what’s on your mind.  Whatever help you need and whatever challenges you may be facing there would be someone there to listen, to help unpack issues and help you find your own resolution.


This should be accessible wherever you are, at work, at home, anywhere you can have a quiet moment.  Work should be supportive and encourage you to use listening time in whatever way you want to, no judgement, trusting that you know you best (or the consultant you talk to does).

Pay attention

Issues noticed early, where you perhaps look tired, or a piece of work or client meeting wasn’t quite on your usual level and extra sessions booked for you with your manager or your wellness consultant.   

It’s quite simple really, treat humans as human beings, allow them time and space to just be, to listen, to be heard and the world (and your workplace) will be a better place.


So whilst Zoifos cannot provide miracles we can help provide the 2nd best mental health utopia

We are currently offering a free taster of our brand of wellness and mindset which also goes to the core of the company.   We delve deeper than most wellness providers which is likely to result in even better results for you. Book your taster here.

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Maintaining mental health often uses many simple techniques like breathing or spending time in nature.   We asked people what they like to do when they are feeling a little down or to keep themselves in tip top shape.   The answers are quite varied, we thought you might find the information useful so Click here and it will appear!

If you’d like Zoifos to take a look at your wellness provision or even start a new one, we’d love to.  Please contact us by email or phone to suit you.

[email protected]   or  07904850578

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