How To Be The Mechanic Of Your Mind

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The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round

Do you remember this children’s song? Its so upbeat, so motivating. If you sang it in your childhood, with your siblings or with your own kids chances are that you are singing away already, having been triggered by the title alone. If you need more encouragement to sing the song – here is a link

Now that you are singing I hope that you are sitting comfortably and I will begin. I don’t actually want to talk to you about singing, its more about buses. The concept of a bus is in its regularity going from one place to the other on time and fully functioning. So this is the story of how a bus should work and how they once did.

Buses in Bygone Times – 1970’s perhaps

Once upon a time buses were shiny and taken care of, people were proud to ride on them and looked forward to a trip to the seaside or to a friend or some family. Timetables and routes were well thought out and took you to great scenery or fabulous fun. You hoped that you might see someone you know on the bus or strike up a conversation with someone interesting. This is how buses and indeed our lives should be.

Modern Life

Sadly our lives tend to be more like a modern bus journey, unpredictable, pressured, little room to move, having to go places you’d really rather not and where the bus aka you, could break down at any stage. Like the straw that broke the camels back we are often just about coping and it can be the smallest thing which changes the balance.
Would you like to be back in control and having fun, driving your reliable well turned out bus to interesting places, fun people in the back, laughing and having fun. If so you might like an MOT of yourself or business to get back on track. Here’s how we think your bus should be maintained:

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Buses and how they work on a personal level

Think of your personal happiness and wellbeing as a bus. You want to be able to deal with change and move forward fluidly, using knowledge and experience from the past without past ideas, situations or fears holding you back. Here is how your personal bus works:

Gears:              they control your speed of change
Wheels:           moving forward and on course
Oil and Fuel:   knowledge and confidence to lubricate the engine
Passengers:     calmly sat in their appropriate seats, chatting to each other. These represent the aspects of your life:                            finance, career, family, relationships, health, fun and hobbies, work/life balance.

Passengers can also represent old events and stories too. Some good and some bad – get them all co-ordinated and chatting to each other and not arguing and it makes for a smoother bus journey.

Buses for Business

Each business wants to run smoothly and progress. To do that the bus or buses have to be well maintained and the routes and timetables organised.  A large business may have lots of buses with the routes and timetables being different regions or products all of which need to run in co ordination with others.

Passengers are business functions or team members depending no what you are describing. Either way you want a calm bus with no fighting.

How Can Zoifos Help?

Zoifos help resolve the arguments between the passengers, organise the routes and timetable and ensure all the buses are in tip top condition so that all of the buses go direct from A to B without traffic jams, collecting all the right people and ensuring everyone knows the bus timetable so that they are on the right bus themselves.

The parts of the bus are the same. Gears, wheels and the oil and fuel.

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