Why Bother?

Why bother spending money on wellness in the workplace?

This post is for companies interested in investing in wellness but who don’t know where to start or what benefits it will bring to the company.  After all any costs have got to be justified to the directors, board or shareholders.

What would you do?

If your boss told you they thought you were not worth investing in how would you feel and how would that affect your work performance?  Contrast this with being told that you are so valued your company would like to help you de stress, learn new skills and unlock your potential at work and at home.  With the first scenario you are likely to pull you horns in and try a little less hard, perhaps not give up your brilliant idea to make the company money as you might need it for yourself when you move on.  What about the second?  Would you get a little bit excited, keen to know more about what they have in mind?  Happy to keep working hard and doing your very best for your team and company?  I would.

Why bother?

People are like dogs, they like to be praised and recognised.  Unlike dogs they can express their displeasure by leaving, working to rule or leaving their creativity at home.  A demoralised workforce is of little use, particularly at present when change and threats to profits are all around us.  No we aren’t saying that you should buy your staff a biscuit and pat them on the head to say thank you.  What we are saying is that a carefully chosen wellbeing plan which benefits the staff when they are outside work will benefit the company hugely.


How do you recruit new people?  Do you have people queueing at your door to join your firm?  If you do well done, you’ve clearly thought long and hard about your work experience as well as your client experience, we’re impressed.  If you us job ads what do you think an applicant does first, even before they click Apply?  Research you the company to find out if you are a good company to work for, to see what they can expect in return for giving you their time and skills.  If you want to be approached by the best candidates you need to ensure that the information they find about the company is good.  A great score on Glass Door is a good start, existing employees telling their friends and family how great it is to work for you is even better.  To get that you need to engage with and build up your employees.  Stop worrying that you are building their skills and character only for them to move on or set up by themselves.  You reap what you sow.  Think how much you can save if you can promote from within and no longer need to use a consultant to source you good talent.


Where do you go for ideas for new products and services or for system upgrades?  Do you look to your competitors or ask consultants for input?  We bet that your existing staff and clients have better, more workable ideas as they know your company and ethos inside and out.  What if you could build better relationships and people skills to unlock all of this potential?


With your high stakes business focus and clarity is needed.  Without this less sales are closed, the competition pulls ahead or a customer loses confidence and complains or worse.   By giving your workforce resilience and time to process old limiting beliefs and triggers you enable them to work at 99% for longer.  I would say 110% but that’s not healthy for them or you.


All of this also makes your staff happier, healthier people at home too which reduces family stress.  They will be better able to cope with demands on their time by children or parents, moving house or travel.  So if your investment makes a happier, healthier, more rounded and well person that’s worth it right?  We have shown some direct benefits for the company too so you can justify the costs and time input up the line whilst sleeping easy in your bed knowing that you did the right thing.

So now that you know why you should be investing in wellness for your workforce what are you going to do now?   Why not book a free assessment and coaching session with Zoifos.   Email [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Why Bother?”

  1. What you’ve shared sure resounds with me just recently coming out of the workforce. And it would transform the work place, employees, families and so much more.
    So many employees don’t utilize the employees strengths and knowledge let alone invest in the overall wellness and health of the individuals that make their company thrive or not do so!
    I so hope companies, corporations and the like will heed what your sharing and invest in their employees in a meaningful way.
    What you’ve shared is refreshing. Keep going forth and follow your passion about improving the wellness of the workplace.
    This has the potential to be phenomenal

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