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Lets chat about how wellness is working for you

Wellness and mindset for business is becoming the thing to do.  If you already have wellness provision in place how is it shaping up?  Can it control with the high rate of change we are all currently experiencing, both good and bad?

If you don't yet have any provision for wellness and mindset for your business why not?  Are you concerned about return on investment?


Imagine how your business and life would be if:


  • Sick days per staff member were reduced
  • Transition back to work after time off was quicker and smoother
  • The right people flocked to fill your vacancies
  • You could promote from within, every time
  • Change and development of the business came naturally
  • Teams worked efficiently and happily together
  • Your cashflow and profits were exactly where you want them to be


This is what Zoifos do for you. You see, its all about the bus, its passengers and getting to the destination at the right time. By choosing the right bus, getting the right passengers sat in the right seats your journey is smooth and full of fun and on time. Get too many back seat drivers or on a bus that is going somewhere different or via the wrong route and its a whole world of pain. Think of us as the planner behind the bus depot, rather than providing the solution we help you find the best bus for you, how to organise your passengers and have a smooth ride to your destination keeping everyone happy.


We use analogies a lot when we are talking to clients and the staff themselves.  Who wants to know their Amygdala from their Hypothalamus and how stress affects them, not many.  If we talk in terms of MOT for your bus or updating the mobile/ computer operating system of your mind you know what we are talking about though.  That's us, strightforward, efficient and thinking of how the client needs us to be for maximum efficiency and compassionate results.

Need help with changing how you think or feel

Personal Challenge

Through life we accumulate attitudes, experiences, events and issues, some of which may cause us concern or stress.  Holding onto these as stressors is bad for our health and work performance.  A divorce, accident or childhood event may still haunt you - its perfectly normal but it doesn't have to stay that way.

This is where Zoifos come in.  We help you unpack your old issues, safely and calmly, deal with them and then pack them away as nice neat memories instead of emotional triggers, so that you can focus on the present and future goals.  It sounds simple and it can be, with the right support, we’ll be here with you throughout, you may be surprised at how fast things can change for you and how fantastic that can feel.

People Investor

People Investor

Do you need your staff to be in tip top form to ensure that they don’t miss any detail or opportunity? Would you like to have the very best candidates applying for every opening and retain your best staff for promotion within? Want some more creativity on how your business can grow or change to meet new challenges and goals?

Zoifos can help you achieve any or all of these goals. In fact whatever your people needs are, we can help you unlock the potential of your business and the workforce.  People Investors know that this will bring greater productivity and profits as well as be a better way to run a business in ethical and moral terms.
Things have got to change

Things have got to change!

Are your profits looking gloomy or is the workforce unhappy and leaving in droves?

Losing the battle to stay ahead of competitors and client complaints escalating?

When you think your company is going to the wall or in danger of having to issue a profits warning you need to make changes and make them fast.

What can be done other than cut costs and throw money at marketing? Plenty. Use your primary resource better, your staff. By use we mean unlock the potential, listen, prepare to take note and start down a new path.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we’ll show you what we mean.

Meet the Leaders

Martin Rothery

CEO and Founder

Working from Chesterfield, UK, bordering the beautiful Peak District.

My initial background was in IT, working for myself, primarily helping schools with their computer systems. From childhood I had developed a skill of seeing into the real root of problems, whatever they are, and being able to resolve them easily. I found that this can be applied to the mental processes Read more.....

Helen Llewellyn


Working in UK Central South and Andalucia Spain from the sunny Spanish countryside

Once upon a time I was an insurance broker and pension administrator.  I loved the people element and the organisation of data and logic.  I developed an interest in finding out what makes people's heads tick and why we all see the world differently and a new passion was born.  Read More....